Let’s talk about Leggings

"Don’t ever let a person tell you that leggings aren’t pants. You don’t need that negativity in your life…"

From someone who is absolutely right

When I was younger I never worned leggings. Well the youth doesn’t know everything right?!
But, I changed my mind and when I tried on my first one… It was love. They are an awesome base for your wardrobe and I really like it how you can style them.
But, when you want to make your own leggings and you are start searching for a pattern, you´ll find out that almost any pattern company has his own leggings pattern.

We from The Fitting Experiment Bloggers decided to do a test. We all had our own motivation where to write about, so to get a complete overview, read the other blogs too. (scroll down to the links)

We all tested the G.O.A.T. Leggings from Rad Patterns,

and we all tested the 20K Leggings from Max and Meena
And I compared it with my favorite leggings pattern The Urban Legs Shorts and Legging Pattern from Ellie and Mac (aff.link)
The G.O.A.T. pattern is a paid pattern, so is the one from Ellie and Mac. The 20K leggings pattern is available for free with a code when you join their Facebook group.
Well, when you where curious and you already scrolled to my pictures, you noticed that every leggings is fitting pretty well! I sewed all 3 exactly like the instructions and follow their size charts. I’ll compare the instructions, which fit I prefer, what I am missing, what I really like and how I style my leggings. 

Let’s start with the G.O.A.T. Leggings from Rad Patterns.

This pattern is the only one with color block. It doesn’t come without the color blocking. The color blocking gives you great options for making tons with a different look over and over again!

I used a viscose spandex as base and a ponte with leather look fabric for the stripe, pockets and the waistband.

Based on my hipsize and calf measurements (35.5″ and 13″) and a waist from 26″, I decided to print size XS and S, cut between those sizes for my legs and graded to size S for my waist. I am 5,5′ and as the instructions said the pattern is drafted for 5,7′ I thought: yippee, I don’t have to lengthen anymore! (The most length is in my legs)

But, after printing the pattern it was really looking short at me, I took my other leggings pattern I already made and layed it on top. There really was a difference in length. I went back to the instructions and checked if I missed an inseam chart, but there isn’t one, only stated: drafted for the length of 5,7. I double checked if I printed and taped correctly, which I had. To be honest I wasn’t really happy with that. When I wouldn’t have had another pattern to compare I would have waste quite a bit of fabric. To be said, sewing a pattern for the first time.. and especially from a company you don’t know well, a muslin is actually a must. But it is nicer when your muslin is wearable, right?

Anyways, I decided to lengthen the pattern with 3″ (yes, there was 3″ difference from crotch to ankle with my favorite pattern and the G.O.A.T.)

And I start cutting! It is the only pattern with a contoured waistband, which I prefer a lot and the option to sew a built in pocket at the side. Of course, I love pockets! Well, I have to admit that after reading those instructions for the 3rd time, I had to click on the link to watch the video…But that was a great help, hahaha.

But this is absolutely a beginner free pattern, all the 3 leggings patterns are) and it was quickly together. The waistband is lined and has a different back and front piece. I personally say: this is excellent! A waist isn’t straight, it need to be hugged and that’s what this waistband is doing! I applaud for that! The instructions are saying to sew elastic in, but with the thickness of my fabric it didn’t came out nicely. I took it off and it wasn’t necessary anyways. The lined waistband is holding perfectly without the elastic inserted.

We all tested the G.O.A.T. Leggings from Rad Patterns,

and we all tested the 20K Leggings from Max and Meena
And I compared it with my favorite leggings pattern The Urban Legs Shorts and Legging Pattern from Ellie and Mac (aff.link)
The G.O.A.T. pattern is a paid pattern, so is the one from Ellie and Mac. The 20K leggings pattern is available for free with a code when you join their Facebook group.
Well, when you where curious and you already scrolled to my pictures, you noticed that every leggings is fitting pretty well! I sewed all 3 exactly like the instructions and follow their size charts. I’ll compare the instructions, which fit I prefer, what I am missing, what I really like and how I style my leggings. 

My biggest tip: normally waistbands are sewed with having both the right side of the fabric on the outside. But when you use a fabric like mine, or other where the outer isn’t that comfortable, sew the waistband together with right side to wrong side and your lining waistband will sit on your bodice with the wrong, comfortable side

Then….it was time for trying it on! Well, as you can see the fit is spot on! It has a small wrinkle at the front crotch part, so I could take out a little bit of fabric the next time, but the legging is absolutely more then wearable. It is also the legging where I even have a kind of a butt!!!! (I am flatter then flat…;-))

Lenghtening it with 3″ was more then a good decision. It is exactly on my ankles. The top of the waistband is nice under my belly button and the bottom of the waistband above my upper hips.

I styled this legging with the Bonfire Hoodie from Sofiona Designs. A pattern designer with an eye for details and I really love. I put on some ankle boots and my outfit is more then okay for visiting friends, going to a bar or even a party. 

Max and Meena
the 20K Leggings

As I said, you can get this pattern for free when you join the Max and Meena facebook group.

I was already in that group, but also this pattern was my first from this company.

After reading the instructions, with a inseam number! (not much, just for which inseam it was drafted for, but more then enough for knowing that I had to lenghten the pattern  )

The nicest thing is the option for maternity too. Not that I need that anymore, I am finished thank you  but it is a great option though! Exactly like the G.O.A.T. I cut in between size XS and S, made the same adjustments and lenghten the pattern with 1″.

It has an option for a small coin/ key/ mp3 player pocket at the inside of the leggings. I didn’t made that one. It is too small for what I normally take with me, but I can imagine when you are doing some sports it can be practical.

This is a basic 1 pattern piece, easy peasy, just cut 1 mirrored, a rectangle cut on fold waistband and start sewing. No color blocking, no visible pockets but a: ‘it’s a legging pattern’

Well, that was a quick and absolutely more then beginner friendly sew. I used CL fabric for this one.

Time to try it on! Well, after I tried it on, I first went back to my pattern piece and double checked if I probably cut on to the wrong waist line (the maternity one) but no, I cutted correctly, but it’s sitting high! it’s above my natural waist. In comparrison with the G.O.A.T. my butt isn’t that nice looking in this one and it’s as flat as it is. Well, probably some sport could change that, hmmm 

Anyways, after wearing this legging I have to admit the high waistband is unbelievably comfortable and I am going to wear this legging a lot!

The only thing I am not really happy about…I have a camel toe in this one. But there aren’t problems, only solutions and it’s all about the styling!

I decided to make the Lotte from Sinclair Patterns and I love, love, love this hoodie! It’s about leggings, but I just want to have it mentioned, this hoodie is awesome!

Well, in combination with my favorite knee boots, I am ready for a shopping day, a coffee with my best friend or a just sitting on the couch and feel comfortable 

And the last one:
The Urban Legs Shorts and Leggings

 This pattern I didn’t had to print anymore, I sewed it many times. The pattern is quite the same as the Max and Meena, it is only 1 pattern piece, cut 1 mirrored and a rectangle waistband cut on fold.

There is a cutline for adding elastic instead of using a waistband too. Adding the waistband to that high waist cut line, will give you a high waisted leggings. i used the regular low cut line.

The difference between these 3 patterns is that this one has different inseam cut lines. I personally absolutely prefer that. It’s nice when it’s stated: drafted for a height…But that doesn’t say anything about the length from the legs. With pants knowing your inseam is a must.

This pattern also has a shorts option. Of course you can cut every legging pattern shorter, but it’s nice to know where to cut right? it has a basic pocket which you just have to sew on.

I used a viscose spandex for this legging and was finished pretty fast 

I love the fit from this one, but I have to admit, my butt is looking nicer in my G.O.A.T. and the high waistband from the Max and Meena is more comfortable.

Between my fabrics I found a super cozy plain sweat fabric I got once and had no idea what to do with..Till now! I made the new Raglan Straight Fit, also from Ellie and Mac. (affiliate link) This pattern is drafted on the Male body with a height from 5.10′. I left the length as it is, sized up with 2 sizes and ready is my oversized sweater for wearing with my leggings. Again my favorite boots and I am ready for the whole day! 

Well, Conclusion:

It’s hard to say which legging pattern is better then the other. The G.O.A.T. has color block options which the others don’t have. As you could read in my blog the options and instructions differs, but at the end I have 3 new leggings which I would wear all!


G.O.A.T. Plus:

  • Shaped waistband
  • Perfect for scraps too
  • Built in pocket
  • Lot’s of variations possible

G.O.A.T. Minus:

  • No non color block option
  • No inseam chart 

20K Plus:

  • Easy and fast sew
  • High waisted
  • Maternity option
  • Free pattern

20K Minus:

  • Really Small pocket
  • High waisted:-)
  • Only 1 inseam measurement

Urban leggings Plus:

  • Easy and fast sew
  • Different inseam cut lines
  • 2 waist options

Urban leggings Minus:

  •  sewed on small pocket 

Life is short, sew the leggings!

me, based on another quote

Huge thank you to RAD Patterns for sponsoring this month’s experiment by providing us with the G.O.A.T. leggings (Greatest of all time). Stephanie has kindly provided a discount for you to try the G.O.A.T. pattern, available in the announcements of Friends of the Fitting Experiment. Check out the group to see how others made out with the leggings. You can also visit the bloggers for their full review by following the links below:

And, which one are you going to try first?

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Bahama Bottoms and
Brooklyn Top by 
Sonia Estep Designs

Yup, a matching bag. Thank you Unicorn Fashionista!

Well, hello there! The fitting experiment bloggers are back! Whoot whoot! And with two patterns this time! This time we tested the Bahama bottoms and the Brooklyn Top from Sonia Estep Designs.

I have to admit these are my first patterns I ever sewed from Sonia Estep Designs, but.. spoiler alert…absolutely not my last one!

It’s Summetime, so I knew exactly what I wanted to make: the shortest shorts, hahaha, and the tank top with curved hem. And I had the perfect fabric for it too! I had an awesome light weight woven with roses from Unicorn Fashionista. That fabric is so beautiful, I decided to use a plain knit fabric for the top.

Yup, a matching bag. Thank you Unicorn Fashionista! 

Well, I always read the instructions first, check the measurement chart etc.etc. I was pleased to read about all the options there are. With these two patterns you can create a whole wardrobe! I am happy I took the time to tape everything together instead of using the printer guide and I even traced the pattern parts I needed on tracing paper. It’s a little bit more work, but it’s worth it when you want to use a pattern again, especially a pattern with that many options.

Let’s start with the Bahama Bottoms! I actually would have liked to know what the intented fit is exactly. Especially because you can use different width of elastic, this will have an effect on your pants. I checked both measurements charts and decided to go by my hipsize and not grading for my waist. I sewed a straight size 00 (Yes, I know, I don’t have hips and a butt..sigh) I only sewed the front pockets and not the back pockets.

The instructions are well written, to the point, but there is a lot information written in a couple of lines. I sewed pants before, but when you haven’t, please read carefully! It isn’t hard and the information is cool, but it’s a lot per step.

Since the pattern is suitable for knit and for wovens I would have love to get more information about with stitches to use for which fabric. It isn’t mentioned, but I first finished all the raw edges with my serger (zig zag stitch is fine too) and then I sewed it together with a straight stitch,

Pants aren’t hard to sew, but to get a great fit, isn’t always easy. Luckily you’ll find in the instructions the part “customizing your shorts” which is well done and you’ll manage to make yourself a perfect fitting pants.

But…let me tell you something, I didn’t need to change a thing! My muslin was excellent! I used 1,5″ elastic and it hit me under my belly button (which I prefer).

The only thing I had to do was cut into my good fabric and start sewing. 

Let’s talk about the Brooklyn Top! This is a fun one! I already told you about the many options from both patterns. I don’t know a lot of patterns that offer you a tank, dolman, long sleeve, relaxed or fitted fit, different hems and with or without tie.

To be clear: mine is the tank top, which is more fitted, with a curved unfinished hem (because I was afraid the hem facing with the elastic from the shorts was going to be too bulky all together. The fabric I used for the top was pretty thick too)

I really like this top and I am going to sew it again, but I didn’t like the instructions that much. They are pretty basic. Again I am missing the intented fit and was surprised by the length of the shirt. Even that I am 5,5″ and took off 1″ because of one of the great other bloggers in our group mentioned that, I am shorter and should have took off more. I am going to wear it on a slim fit pants like it is now, but my next version will be shorter. You can see it at the bulkyness at my waist, the fabric wants to go up.

Normally I always need a FBA, but this wasn’t mentioned at all in the instructions. Well, we are testing the patterns how they come, but it would have fitted nicer with.

But, the sewing is quick and I am absolutely pleased with the result! It’s easy to dress this up and down: some fit flops and go to the beach, but this outfit is also perfectly fine to got to a bar.

And…….Here will come my biggest tip of the day! Do you like buttons, but button holes scares you?

Just sew them on! When you have a fabric with enough stretch in it, you can flip it over your head and you are done.


Well, to come to an end, I have to say I really love my new outfit! I am looking forward to sew a long pants version, play around with the top and sew up every version there is!

A big thank you: Sonia Estep Designs for your great patterns and Unicorn Fashionista for the awesome, quality, fabric!

Thank you to Sonia Estep Designs for sponsoring The Fitting Experiment creators with patterns. Please check out others’ makes:

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The Hourglass

Everybody deserves the perfect dress


 And there we are again! A couple of sewists from all over the world decided to start a blogger group. We are testing patterns from different companies and blog about the fit, the pattern, the instructions and give our honest opninion.

This time we tested the Hourglass Dress from Made by Runi.

Although this isn’t the first time I made something from Made by Runi, it was my first time sewing this dress. It’s a fun dress with a couple of cool options and with the choice of your fabric and the way you are using the color block option, you can sew a different dress over and over again!

I like the way how the patterns are coming, you don’t need a lot of paper to print them, but when you want to use the pattern more then once, you should invest some time to trace the pattern and seperate all the pattern pieces on tracing paper.

Also the pattern is coming different then I am used too, you can find the instructions on the WordPress blog from Made by Runi. here is the link to instructions.

 To be honest, my first 3 garments I sewed without the instructions because I didn’t know about them, hahaha. The instructions are pretty basic, the pictures not always clear and the way how to sew the binding on, is not how I am used too. You also have free choice how to finish your garment, binding and/ or neckbands aren’t coming with the pattern mostly and you have to measure them yourself. The first time I was thinking: where are those pattern pieces, where is the cut chart! But then I realized I measure them myself anyways and this freedom is actually pretty cool.

Anyways, back to the dress. because this wasn’t my first garment I made I decided not to sew a muslin, but use my regular corrections and adjustments I always use for her patterns. Actually they aren’t much, I am 5,5′, have a side waist from 8″ and I normally only need to do a fba.

Watch out! The patterns are coming without seam allowance! Make sure you take enough for the hem and just keep it simple: just cut out the patternpieces with the seam allowance and it will not cost you any more time then normally.

I personally prefer to add seam allowance myself, because on that way you’ll have more control to make corrections to a pattern. 

Say yes to this dress!

Then…I had to choose the look I wanted and which fabric to use. Because I wanted to try the fitted one with the hourglass color block option, my fabric needed to match too. And of course, like always, no more black….But I found a cool ponte from Megastoffen and the backside of the fabric was entirely black. Yesss!

I gave myself a little bit more room around the waist and hips. Toooo fitted just don’t look good on me.

I read in the instructions better not to use the color block options from the shoulderpart when using the hourglass options, so I listened to that. Otherwise it could be your dress is going to look like if you are a wearing a vest. Which can be cool, but wasn’t the look I wanted to go for.

While sewing I thought, how would it be when this dress was reversible? No, not lined, but just turn it around? Hmmmm, then you are seeing the stitches from the other side. Wait! I’ll topstitch, every seam and the stitches are laying flat. Because of the binding at the neck the neck is finished on both sides and finish the hems with a binding or leave them raw like I did and tadaa a reversible dress is there! 


Sewing this dress is quickly and simple. It all fits excellent and can completely be done, except when you are finishing it with a binding, with a serger.

Well, there is always that moment coming you can try it on! And need I say more then the fit is excellent? In a short time I have a super cool new dress which I really like a lot! Now I want to try the skirt option too!

For some reason it looks on the picture it is kind of wrinkly, but that has something to do with the light. I don´t know, but I prefer it like this instead of other way round. 

I hope you enjoyed the blog and don’t forget to read the other blogs and you can follow me on Instagram too of course!

A special thank you to Made by Runi for sponsoring The Fitting Experiment makers with patterns so that we can share our thoughts with you.

Please check out the other makers:

Sabrina Slims

the ultimated pants for everyday

The Sabrina, the ultimate pants for everyday.

By Love Notions

—————-Spoiler alert: I love, love my new pants!————————

This was my first experience with Love Notions

When sewing with a `new` pattern company, I am always curious how the fit will be.

After sewing three, four patterns I know how ‘they’ drafted and know where to adjust without making a muslin first.

Well, this my first pattern from Love Notions and a muslin was a must.

I  wanted to read the instructions first and downloaded the workbook. I thought that were the instructions and was happily surprised with the detailed information how to get your personal perfect fit! +1 for Love Notions and I became more enthousiastic about sewing my pants!

Then…….doo doo doo doo doo doo….I made a beginner mistake and sewed a muslin with a different fabric then I used for my final! I still don’t know what I was thinking, but it was something like: hmm, when it fit’s in stretch-woven, it will definately fits with ponte…Hahahaha, that’s somehow correct of course…Anyway, at least I can laugh about it…And I know my rise is too long. No worries, the workbook is there to help you step by step to get your perfect fit!

When you work with the workbook, you sew a muslin first. For that I printed version A, sewed it quick together and added an unlined waistband to get the basic fit. I found out I needed to get rid of some extra fabric at my hips and I lowered my rise, which I should have done more.. But that was my own fault. Because my inseam is 31.5″ I added length and the fit was spot on!

And then it was time to sew my final, whoot whoot! I had some gorgeous ponte with leather look I was saving for quite some time already and I managed to get everything out of 1 yard! Okay, I have to say I was really happy with the 2 options waistband, 1 for wider fabric, 1 for less wide fabric. I appreciate that a lot. 

I only would have liked the waistband being understitched, which I did, although it wasn’t in the instructions. That would be my tip.

I used version B, with seams in the front and the back, which I topstitched, back pockets and split hems. The options to sew a different pants over and over again are endless and people how know me, knows I love options! But how doesn’t, to be honest.

The sewing was easy, the instructions clear and what I said already, the workbook is excellent! I was happily surprised about the clear instructions and even with all the different options, it was easy to follow. I recommend this pattern for everybody, included beginners who wants to sew a good fitted pants.

To me, Love Notions is a designer I keep following for sure!

Yes, for every day!

 Not so everyday, but it is possible 

 A special thank you to Love Notions for sponsoring The Fitting Experiment bloggers with patterns so that we can share our thoughts with you. Love Notions has kindly provided a 20% off shop discount code for all our readers. Please use this code at checkout: FittingEXPSabrinas 

In addition, Love Notions has given us TWO copies of Sabrina Slims to giveaway. For a chance to win, comment below. For more chances to win, comment on the other blogs too! You can check out their posts below:

Stitched by Jennie